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Begun in 1992, the Lyons Legacy (LL) School of Horsemanship provides in-depth knowledge and understanding about horses and horsemanship to trainers, performers, competitors, and pleasure and trail riders. The program emphasizes our unique method of conditioned-response training. We believe in “trust, not trauma” and in modifying an owner’s attitude toward a horse. Trail riders, hobby-horse owners and top competitors in such diverse areas as reining, roping, and dressage have all benefited from the Lyons Legacy programs.

The LL School of Horsemanship teaches you how to understand horses and treat them with patience and respect. The Lyons Legacy methods will give you a distinct advantage in your horse-training techniques, and your horses will come to trust and respect you.

With the Lyons Legacy Online School of Horsemanship, you have access to four online courses; Basic Horsemanship, Novice Rider, Intermediate Rider and Advanced Rider.   Each course contains text and videos, exclusive to online students. 

You can take any of the four courses you like, in any order you want; however, we recommend doing them in order, preferably starting with Basic Horsemanship. Riders of all skill levels will discover useful and important information in every course, regardless of your skill level.

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