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Josh Lyons Three Day Riding Clinic
 Josh Lyons 3-Day Riding Clinics
During a 3 Day clinic, riders and their horses will practice the foundation exercises, lessons and principles of the Lyons method.  Each clinic day begins at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm, with a 90 minute lunch break midday. 

Every clinic is customized for the riders!  No matter what level you are currently riding, every lesson can be tailored to what you and your horse need.  Many lessons and principles stay the same for every level, but Josh will show you how to adapt the lesson, making your horse feel confident and eager to learn.  Don’t be afraid of signing up because you feel you are not ready.  Josh’s clinics are designed to be safe, motivating and effective whether you’ve been riding for one month or 20 years. 

Wondering what horse to bring or worried your horse is too green for a 3 Day Clinic?  As long as your horse has been ridden at a walk, trot and lope, he is perfect for a 3 Day Clinic!  Invest in yourself and your horse by riding in a clinic and expect to leave the clinic with a better trained horse. 

Many people ask what they learn during the clinic.  That is a great question!  The answer is simple.  Riders will learn to control their horse better.  From trail rider to experienced competitor, all riders simply want to improve the control they have of their horses.  The Josh Lyons Teaching Series DVDs can give you an idea of the principles and lessons covered in a clinic.  But don’t feel discouraged from signing up if your horse isn’t as far along as JoshJosh Lyons 3 Day Clinic’s horses on the video.  You will never be belittled or left out because you have more to learn.  We are all in that boat!

The list of topics covered during a 3 Day Clinic is determined largely by the goals of the riders.  The clinics are kept small enough that no question is overlooked or ignored.  Speed control, shoulder and hip cues, diagonals, lead departures and lead changes, head elevation and frame, improving stops and back-ups, improving your seat and hands – it’s all available to you, plus much more.  So bring your seasoned horse or bring the horse that needs the most improvement.   A 3 Day Clinic is just right for creating habits of learning for you and your horse.

Josh Lyons. conducts 3-day clinics all over the world. Check out our schedule to see when Josh will be in your area, or contact us to book a clinic. 
Cost of the 3-Day clinic: $75

Call our office: (615) 379-1056



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